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The company
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SEA O.R.S is a team of engineers specialized in services dedicated to operations for Marine Renewable Energies.

Our team provides technical expertise, consulting and engineering services in MRE logistics, operations and maintenance sector, with the objective of improving the competitiveness of our client’s projects. We make the best use of IT technologies to provide solutions to the increasingly complex issues faced by our clients with project’s sizes, complex environments, and the necessity of cost reduction.

SEA O.R.S supports MRE actors at each stage of their projects, from concept to operation.

Your needs are our priorities


Sea Offshore Planning Tools

complex operations 

with sites specific
metocean impacts

with project’s
specific constraints

  • Port logistics experienced team
  • Offshore wind business understanding
  • Maritime knowledge
  • Strong partners in complex processes, offshore transport & installation, O&M

How to build
a cost effective
supply chain ?

How to reduce
risks and
hazards ?

How to optimise
your process ?

SEA O.P.T is a service to help offshore wind players to reduce costs and optimise their projects, 
especially for the transport & installation phase which includes a strong problematic 
of metocean conditions. 

Our team brings to your project the right answers to your questions, matching with the specificities of your needs. To reach this objectives, we associate skills & experience in :

  • Offshore engineering and planning
  • Offshore operations and construction
  • Naval construction, heavy industries
  • On/off-shore logistics of heavy and large components
  • Ports constraints
  • IT engineering

Sea O.P.T




Thanks to our dedicated tool for sea transport analysis, calculation of weather impacts, and our 3D time-domain simulation software we study your project at every scale you need, taken into account a high number of parameters, especially risks factors (random engine breakdown, sea states, wind,…) in order to test the robustness of the logistic process with a view to seeking improvements.

Sea O.R.S.

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